About Gain Skills

GainSkills is founded on the principles of personality, creativity and doing what we say we’re going to do, we pride ourselves on bringing a Blend of Magic and Logic to every experience – offering creative ideas and fresh thinking with a detailed approach to flawless project management. Plus, we are easy to work with – straightforward and with a sense of humour.

We cherish the trust we have garnered from our partner organisations and with a growing team of young, vibrant, and creative individuals. GainSkills aims for success and perfection!

Our Forte


Conferences & Awards

Customer focus is a key driver at Gain Skills. With this in mind, we tailor-make our events to suit the needs of the partners and attendees. We believe in producing innovative and engaging B2B events & awards which exceed quality standards. From conceptualisation and planning to production and execution, our events are impeccably staged where quality is accorded the highest importance.

Bespoke Events

Gain Skills customized events deliver business & save cost through the simplicity of their formats. We plan, organize and execute an entire event/round table on your behalf. Imagine a room full of prospects you wish to woo with your solutions with undivided attention and high energy.


Digital Events

Our Virtual events provide all the benefits you would experience at a physical event, with even more to offer.


We’re an intrepid group of distinct individuals. Adventurous and intelligent, we’re passionate about our work and building long-term relationships.

Meet The Team


Mr. Sumeet Khatri -

Sumeet is an experienced entrepreneur and business leader, currently serving as the Founder & Managing Director of Gain Skills Business Media Pvt Ltd. With over a decade of experience in the B2B events industry, he has built a strong reputation for delivering successful events across various sectors and geographies.

Sumeet has an impressive track record of working with leading organizations worldwide, and has managed and led entire divisions responsible for sponsorship sales for 500+ events across India. He has also worked closely with global clients, gaining a deep understanding of their marketing challenges and developing effective event marketing strategies to address their needs.

Sumeet's core expertise lies in Sales & Business Development, Client Relationship Management, Account Management, Team Building & Management. He is passionate about helping businesses grow and achieve their objectives through strategic planning and effective execution.


Mr. Adil Najeeb -

Adil is currently the Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer for Gain Skills Business Media Pvt Ltd.

He carries 5+ Years of experience in Sales and B2B events spectrum.

His role is to develop strategic sales plans that expand the customer base and ensuring that the company maintains a strong industry presence.

He is also responsible or delivering company’s events in India by overseeing a team of Delegate Acquisition and Data Research. Driving the sales and marketing activities to generate new prospects for Delegate Sales as well as working with list researchers to identify potential areas of data build.

He has worked and connected with 2000 + Industry leaders across India by understanding the current market challenges and burning issues and have delivered with the best possible solutions through our business conferences and masterclass.


Mr. Rajkishor Gupta -

Rajkishor's impressive track record is backed by four years of invaluable experience in honing his managerial skills. Throughout his career, he has consistently showcased an unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with a remarkable ability to navigate complex financial landscapes with finesse.

Under Rajkishor's astute leadership, our organization has witnessed remarkable growth and optimization across various operational facets. His meticulous approach to strategic planning and expertise in streamlining financial processes have played a pivotal role in driving our company's success.

Beyond his proficiency in finance and accounting, Rajkishor's management skills have proven to be a catalyst for fostering a culture of efficiency, collaboration, and innovation within our team. His keen insights, combined with exceptional interpersonal skills, enable him to effectively align our operational strategies with our overarching business goals.

With an unwavering dedication to professionalism and a passion for driving organizational success, Rajkishor Gupta personifies the qualities of an exceptional COO. We consider ourselves privileged to have his exemplary leadership and expertise guiding our company towards new heights of achievement.


Mrs. Aaliyah Khatri -

Aaliyah Khatri, our esteemed Director of Marketing. With over six years of experience in marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship, Aaliyah brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping businesses reach their full potential.

Aaliyah's professional background showcases her expertise in driving growth and delivering results. With a proven track record, she has successfully executed marketing strategies and sales initiatives, consistently achieving targets and maximizing ROI. Her entrepreneurial mindset brings a fresh perspective to our organization, as she possesses a keen understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends.

Beyond her impressive achievements, Aaliyah's go-getter attitude and quick learning abilities make her an invaluable asset to our team. She is driven by a passion for excellence and is always eager to take on new challenges. Aaliyah's exceptional skills in strategic planning, creative campaign development, and market analysis enable her to drive impactful marketing initiatives that resonate with our target audience.

With Aaliyah leading our marketing efforts, we are confident in her ability to propel our brand's visibility, enhance customer engagement, and drive business growth. Her professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable member of our team, and we are thrilled to have her on board.